Jon has given his life to encouraging and supporting the biblical renewal of the church of Jesus Christ, and to working for the spread of the kingdom of God. As a priest of the church he serves wherever invited as a Companion of NAMS, in the particular ministry of global Church Planting. (


In addition, he is involved in the following ministries:


Leadership Training. Jon serves as Executive Director of Anglican Associates, Inc (AAI) a non profit religious organization focused on training and developing high potential leaders for the church - both as Church Planters and Church Revitalizers. (


Global Mission. Jon leads regular training retreats and conferences focused on the call of the local church to pray for, work for, and support the global mission of the church. This ministry, a part of the NAMS Network, is called the NAMS Centurion Project. (


Discipleship. As a disciple-maker, Jon co-leads the Disciple-making Fellowship of the Carolinas, a non denominational ministry initiative committed to equipping the men of the local church for their primary ministry in obedience to the Final Command of the Lord Jesus.


Consulting. Jon does a limited amount of church consulting, principally for leadership transitions and organizational restructuring. In this capacity he partners with CrossGate Resources (CGR), a broad based ministry resources team that is committed to helping the local church be effective for the spread of the kingdom of God. (